HTMLy 2.9.9: New features and Security improvements

What's new in v2.9.9:

  • The minimum PHP requirement increased to 7.2
  • Composer updates
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) feature by @KuJoe
  • Autosave feature by @KuJoe
  • Cloudflare Turnstile by @KuJoe
  • Focus mode feature by @KuJoe
  • Hide HTMLy version by @KuJoe
  • Language update by @vdbhb59 @XD9527 @eagleman
  • New Ukrainian language by @mrRomanko

Note for MFA: The QR Code during MFA setup automatically enabled if the PHP version is at least 8.1

What's Changed

  • Update zh_TW.ini by @XD9527 in
  • Added TOTP MFA support per user. by @KuJoe in
  • Add autosave to drafts feature by @KuJoe in
  • Translation & language corrections by @vdbhb59 in
  • Update it_IT.ini by @eagleman in
  • Added Cloudflare Turnstile as alternative to Google reCAPTCHA by @KuJoe in
  • Added config option to disable MFA globally by @KuJoe in
  • Created Bug Report and Feature Request templates for GitHub Issues by @KuJoe in
  • Added option to hide HTMLy version publicly and added version to admin layout by @KuJoe in
  • Update it_IT.ini by @eagleman in
  • Added a focus mode to the Add/Edit for Posts/Pages by @KuJoe in
  • Update it_IT.ini by @eagleman in

New Contributors

  • @KuJoe made their first contribution in

Full Changelog: