HTMLy 2.8.2: Maintenance release and Improvements

What's new:

  • Language updates. Credit @dirmanhana @vallyol @sb0001 @Eliastik
  • Using category for the related posts widget instead of tag for better performance and consistency
  • Limit tagcloud widget
  • Security improvement. Credit @ProjectPatatoe

HTMLy 2.8.1: Privacy, Security and Theming Improvements

  • No PHPSESSID cookie set for casual readers (not accesssing the login page/backend). Credit @ProjectPatatoe
  • Using samesite cookie attribute strict for CSRF reasons. Credit @ProjectPatatoe
  • New variable $p->readTime, $p->authorName, $p->authorAbout for better theming

HTMLy 2.8.0: Maintenance release and bugs fixes

  • The image upload no longer use jQuery.AjaxFileUpload.js but using Bootstrap file upload. Credit @ProjectPatatoe
  • Translation improvements. Credit @fabianosantosnet
  • The $p->video now return the video link only, to get the video ID we can use get_video_id($p->video); and call it from the theme.

For Upgrade Only

If you are not using theme shipped with HTMLy source code, please download the updated version. If you already modify the theme and don't want your changes to be lost, simply update the <?php echo $p->video;?> to <?php echo get_video_id($p->video); ?> in main.html.php and post.html.php.

HTMLy 2.7.9: Bugs fixes and improvements

  • Fixing bugs for newly created blog unable to creating post
  • Adding Hungarian and Indonesian language
  • Fully support bootstrap pagination for index and profile page.

HTMLy 2.7.8: Maintenance release and improvements

  • We shipped install.php in the source code. Easy to install HTMLy anywhere.
  • Post and tags creation improvements (allowing tag like C++, C#, {Cool}, you name it).
  • Improving the editor toolbar.
  • Security improvements.
  • And more.

HTMLy 2.7.7: Menu builder, Admin panel revamp, and bugs fixes

What's new:

  • Simple menu builder
  • Admin panel revamp
  • Reorganize the config pages
  • Renaming the config time.format to date.format
  • Universal Analytics (gtag.js)
  • And many more.

For old users

If you can't save the date format, please rename the time.format to date.format in your config.ini. Or create new custom settings with key: date.format and value: %d %b %Y

To use gtag.js. Create new key: with value:

HTMLy v2.7.6: PHP 8 Support and Improvements

What's new:

  • PHP 8 support (JIT ready)
  • Autocomplete tag
  • Security fixes
  • And more


HTMLy v2.7.5

What's new:

  • XSS vulnerabilities fix (ec1cf1d). Report: CVE-2019-8349
  • Composer update (e526552)
  • i18n feature (4fde479)
  • Using for breadcrumb
  • Format date
  • Various themes fix
  • And more.