It's truly fast. No BS!

HTMLy is an open source databaseless PHP blogging platform. A flat-file CMS that allows you to create a fast, secure, and powerful website or blog in seconds.

Built to scale

HTMLy uses a unique algorithm to find or list any content based on date, type, category, tag, or author, and it's performance remain fast even if we have ten thousand of blog posts and hundreds of tags.

Flat File

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HTMLy requires PHP 5.3 or greater, PHP-XML package, and PHP-ZIP package for backup feature.


As a flat-file CMS, HTMLy designed to run smoothly despite using minimal server specs. With 512MB of RAM or even less, it should can handle more than 20K posts without any issues.


Simple but not simpler. Lot of built-in features to supercharge your blog. Menu builder, online update, content type, sitemap, RSS, and many more.


Ever heard of complaints about unsafe, outdated, and slow plugins for specific CMS out there? We will not follow the same steps. Any new features will be added to the core and go through security audit.


You don't need to configure anything to start your blog. Download, install, and you're ready to go. Regarding performance, let's HTMLy handle it for you.

Dashboard demo

For dashboard demo visit HTMLy demo by Softaculous