HTMLy 2.7.8: Maintenance release and improvements

We shipped install.php in the source code. Easy to install HTMLy anywhere. Post and tags creation

HTMLy 2.7.7: Menu builder, Admin panel revamp, and bugs fixes

What's new: Simple menu builder Admin panel revamp Reorganize the config pages Renaming the config

HTMLy v2.7.6: PHP 8 Support and Improvements

What's new: PHP 8 support (JIT ready) Autocomplete tag Security fixes And more Download.

HTMLy v2.7.5

What's new: XSS vulnerabilities fix (ec1cf1d). Report: CVE-2019-8349 Composer update (e526552) i18n

Composer Vendor Update and Improvements

What's new: Updating the composer vendor. Improvements. Eg. The meta generator will displaying the