HTMLy 2.9.7: Security and Maintenance Release

What's new:

  • Directory traversal vulnerabilities fix by @jinhaochan.
  • Avatar for users.
  • Allow to upload WebP image.
  • Text editor improvement. More info: #725
  • Language updates.
  • Fix inverted question mark in BBEdit (Mac). More info: #715

Note for Directory traversal vulnerabilities

  • These vulnerabilities can only be triggered if a user has a valid account, and is logged in.

Note for WebP image

  • HTMLy use getimagesize to check whether the image is valid or not. The getimagesize added WebP support in PHP 7.1

What's Changed

  • Update German language files by @sb0001 in
  • Update it_IT.ini by @eagleman in
  • Update zh_TW.ini to v2.9.6 by @XD9527 in
  • Security Fix by @jinhaochan in

New Contributors

  • @jinhaochan made their first contribution in

Full Changelog: