Fix footnote link

What's new:

  • Fix the footnote link on teaser. Use absolute URL.
  • Fix theme for the new read more. Make sure to use the updated theme.


Happy New Year 2016

What's new:

  • The ported WP theme (Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Sixteen) include with the package since its a GPL theme
  • You can use <!--more--> tag to cut the teaser when using teaser type full
  • New widget category_list()
  • List post based on content type


HTMLy 2.6.9: Support URLs written in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic etc.

What's new?

Like the release title. Now HTMLy support non latin char for any URLs (eg. slug for post, tag, category). Well simple changes/fixes from previous version actually but very important since it can make HTMLy usable in many cases.

HTMLy try to convert to latin and if it can't than HTMLy will use the URL as is.

Download HTMLy.

Improving Template Engine & Cache Expiration

What's new:

  • Improving template engine.
  • Cache expiration.
  • Bugs fixes.

Template improvements

Sometimes we need custom layout for all of things. New available template files.

HTMLy 2.6.7: Maintenance release and bugs fixes

What's new:

  • Simplify the admin panel codes for better future developments.
  • Update the themes.
  • Bugs fixes.