HTMLy 2.9.2: Maintenance Release

What's new in v2.9.2

Change the post/page views counter ID from filename path to post/page slug. The format for blog post, post_postSlug. Static page, page_pageSlug. Subpage, subpage_parentSlug.subpageSlug. The pointer string with the slug separated by an underscore for easier to filter it.

How to update it? the conversion occurs naturally, to speed it up, simply visiting any post collection pages, and browse it using the pager.

Release note from v2.9.1

  • Now we can rearrange the page and subpage order easily. Simply drag and drop it
  • New theme added to the package. Based on Doks theme by Hyas
  • Automatically include the functions.php if this file exist in theme folder
  • And many more small improvements


  • For Doks theme. The top menu, generated from menu editor. And the sidebar menu automatically generated using get_menu function
  • When naming the function in theme functions.php, use themeName_functionName(), to make sure not conflicted with existing function

Full Changelog: