HTMLy v2.0 released!

Now HTMLy support File cache. Any visited pages by anonymous user will generating .cache file inside cache/page folder. Cache related to specific page will deleted if we edit or add new post, eg. archive page, or tag page related to those post.

We can clear all cache by visiting admin area and click `Clear cache' link. Useful, let say when we change the layout, add new menus etc. Download here.

Using Cache Index

Yesterday I committed a few changes, now HTMLy using cache index for the file url, and save it as a txt files format. Hopefully this will reducing CPU usage.

If you want to try it, download the master branch here.

HTMLy v1.9 released!

Previously any foreign char always removed from URL, and now this has been fixed. Improve multitags support and fixing the is_front function. Download HTMLy here.

HTMLy v1.8 released!

Previously, the backup filename was and now become, quite helpful if we have multiple blogs so we do not get confused.

Tidy up the recent comments rss, repair automatic url (when making post). And now HTMLy fully support HTTPS protocol.

HTMLy v1.7 released!

Data backup is very important so we strive to provide backup feature on HTMLy as soon as possible.

In this release the backup feature is already available so that your website will be safe, you do not need to worry to lose your posts.

In addition to backup feature, there is development in the custom menu, now you do not need to write a menu using html but fairly ordinary text, for example if we want to create a menu that links to Google and Wikipedia:


For dynamic class on the menu will only appear if we link to a static page.

If we leave the custom menu empty, then HTMLy trying to make a menu automatically from existing static pages.

HTMLy v1.6 released!

This release contains several improvements to the core eg for search, as well as bugs fixes, eg when the post does not exist, then an error will occur on a particular Linux distribution.

So what's new in this version? only a few additional functions, thus allowing the use of dynamic headings, for example:

<?php if(is_index()) {?>
    <h1 class="blog-title"><a rel="home" href="<?php echo site_url() ?>"><?php echo blog_title() ?></a></h1>
<?php } else {?>
    <h2 class="blog-title"><a rel="home" href="<?php echo site_url() ?>"><?php echo blog_title() ?></a></h2>
<?php } ?>

With the use of such code then the name of the blog will only use H1 on the index page, eg frontpage, tag, archive, and search result pages.

Looks like this is enough for any HTMLy users who want to create their own themes.

HTMLy v1.5 released!

Slightly strange indeed since version directly skip to v1.5. The v1.2, v1.3, and v1.4 is just a pre-release, and for the stable release is v1.5. So what is new in this release:

  • Facebook comments
  • Lightbox
  • New theme
  • Many impovements and bugs fixes.

Because everything is stable and has met the standards then it looks like this version will last long enough, hopefully.

HTMLy v1.1 released!

Difference in one week with its 1.0 version now HTMLy has released version 1.1 with a few improvements and developments.

In this release a lot of development being done in terms of user experience eg in the admin panel, form validation too.

Filling the URL now optional and if left blank then automatically use the title as the URL.

There is also a feed importer, so we can import content via RSS feeds from Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, or Ghost as long its RSS feed 2.0.

In addition, there is now an admin role, for example in the blog there is more than one author then we can determine who's the admin. Admin can delete and edit all posts.