HTMLy 2.6.6: Multi Language Improvements, Pager Algorithm

What's new:

  • Using URLify. A PHP port of URLify.js from the Django project for multi language improvements.
  • New Pager Algorithm e.g. Page 1 of 10 and/or more advanced pagination.
  • New variable for better theming.


HTMLy v2.6.5: Static Frontpage, New Theme, and Improvements

What's new:

  • Static frontpage. Add static.frontpage = "true" to your config.ini
  • New theme ported from WordPress: Twenty Fifteen and Ignite Theme.
  • Improving post navigation (previous and next).
  • Improving the custom menu. Add active class.
  • Bugs fixes.


Improvements and bugs fixes

What's new:

  • Using Pagedown extra for the markdown editor instead of standard Pagedown
  • Adding sitemap.category.xml
  • Bugs fixes for
  • Update the composer vendor


Critical bugs fixes

This quick release is to fix issue #198 (can't add the featured link after the folder structure changed) and reCAPTCHA login problems.


HTMLy v2.6.2: Category for the content

What's new:

  1. Finally now htmly can creating category
  2. 404 pages and 404 searches rendered within layout by @greenphp
  3. The folder structure changed
  4. To call related post widget you need to use get_related($p->related) instead of get_related($p->tag)
  5. Set category.perpage = "YourValue" to specify the category list and set = "true" to show up the category information in your category index page.


If this is an upgrade then you need to clear cache after the update process finished using the admin toolbar link to migrate your old content to new folder structure.

Old structure:


New structure:



HTMLy v2.6.0 & v2.6.1: Performance and Maintenance


  • Previously the URL is case sensitive and now htmly threat /tag/Github or /tag/github as the same URL.

  • Improvements and bugs fixes.


For performance reason than the recent post, popular post, archive list, or tag cloud widget are cached even for login user (not the resulting output but the array). Tested in a test blog with 6K posts with hundreds of tags and the load for login user decrease dramatically. The page generation time from 1 - 2 seconds decreased to 0.05 - 0.3 seconds (depending on hardware).

Cache will deleted when we edited any content, added new content, or change any config related to those widget. For popular posts widget, by visiting admin/popular is enough to delete the cache.

To display the page generation time add the following option to admin/config:

generation.time = "true"

To display the cache generation timestamp simply add:

cache.timestamp = "true"


HTMLy 2.5.9: URL without Year and Month

What's new:

  • You can change the default URL from /year/month/title to /post/title by adding: permalink.type = "post" into your config.ini.
  • Fix description for non Latin char
  • New logo and favicon for HTMLy (branding)


HTMLy OpenShift Quickstart

If you need free hosting to test HTMLy, try OpenShift from Red Hat. I already made a quickstart to run HTMLy easily on OpenShift.

Visit the HTMLy quickstart on Github and read the step by step tutorials there.

HTMLy 2.5.8: Maintenance Release

What's new:

  • Non Latin char for tags
  • Maintenance
  • Bugs fixes


HTMLy 2.5.7: Add Blog Homepage

This release includes a few additions, especially if you want to make the front-page as the landing page and require as your blog home-page. To enable this URL, simply add below line in your config.ini

blog.enable = "true"

After enabling this option than the breadcrumb for any blog posts will become as follows

Home » Blog » Tags » Title

The Blog will linked to

You can see the demo at HTMLy homepage: