HTMLy 2.5.5 - Content Type & New Theme

What's new:

  • Added new content type: video post (YouTube), audio post (SoundCloud), link post, quote post, and image post.
  • Added new theme: Blog theme.
  • Various improvements and bugs fixes.

Download here.

HTMLy 2.5.4 - Post Draft

What's new:

  • Post draft for blog post
  • Better templating
  • Various improvements


HTMLy 2.5.3 - Image Upload

What's new:

  • The markdown editor can upload images
  • Update the jQuery to 2.1.4
  • A few improvements

Note: There was a bugs to the updater after installing the 2.5.2, the update links has double admin/, example:

So just right click, copy the link and remove the double admin/ becomes:

Visit those link to update it automatically.

Download here.

HTMLy 2.5.2 - Maintenance release

What has changed:

  • Check the latest version only when visiting the Update page for performance reason.
  • Change the $p->feature to $p->image.
  • Styling the featured Youtube video (becomes responsive).
  • Updating the composer.
  • Bugs fixes for tag (if there is a comma at the end of the tag list).

Download Here.

HTMLy Version 2.4 - Security

Release Version 2.4 contains many improvements and bug fixes.

What's new:

  • ReCaptcha service for login
  • See this page for complete list.

Now HTMLy has the ability to secure the backend with Googles reCaptcha service. Simply go to there Webseite: Get the public and private keys and put them like this into your config.ini:

google.reCaptcha = true
google.reCaptcha.public = "6LfcP_8SAAAAAIPSQldEbInMMMeuVeXRD7lfFe_c"
google.reCaptcha.private = "6LfcP_8SAAAAAPz1Be_4zBMMMujRdKVS6t79RSgY"

HTMLy v2.3 released!

Contains many improvements and bugs fixes. Credit to @Kanti and @fahmi182

What's new:

  • Recent posts widget.
  • Webmaster tool verification.
  • See this page for complete list.

HTMLy v2.2 released!

Another HTMLy release that contains many new features and bug fixes. Credit to @Kanti and @BlackCodec.

See the changes here.

HTMLy v2.1 released!

This release contains many improvements, feature additions, and bugs fixes by @Kanti.

  • Auto-update
  • Bugs fixes
  • And much more

See his contributions here.

Download HTMLy.