HTMLy 2.5.5 - Content Type & New Theme

What's new:

  • Added new content type: video post (YouTube), audio post (SoundCloud), link post, quote post, and image post.
  • Added new theme: Blog theme.
  • Various improvements and bugs fixes.

Download here.

HTMLy 2.5.4 - Post Draft

What's new:

  • Post draft for blog post
  • Better templating
  • Various improvements


HTMLy 2.5.3 - Image Upload

What's new:

  • The markdown editor can upload images
  • Update the jQuery to 2.1.4
  • A few improvements

Note: There was a bugs to the updater after installing the 2.5.2, the update links has double admin/, example:

So just right click, copy the link and remove the double admin/ becomes:

Visit those link to update it automatically.

Download here.

HTMLy 2.5.2 - Maintenance release

What has changed:

  • Check the latest version only when visiting the Update page for performance reason.
  • Change the $p->feature to $p->image.
  • Styling the featured Youtube video (becomes responsive).
  • Updating the composer.
  • Bugs fixes for tag (if there is a comma at the end of the tag list).

Download Here.

HTMLy Version 2.4 - Security

Release Version 2.4 contains many improvements and bug fixes.

What's new:

  • ReCaptcha service for login
  • See this page for complete list.

Now HTMLy has the ability to secure the backend with Googles reCaptcha service. Simply go to there Webseite: Get the public and private keys and put them like this into your config.ini:

google.reCaptcha = true
google.reCaptcha.public = "6LfcP_8SAAAAAIPSQldEbInMMMeuVeXRD7lfFe_c"
google.reCaptcha.private = "6LfcP_8SAAAAAPz1Be_4zBMMMujRdKVS6t79RSgY"

HTMLy v2.3 released!

Contains many improvements and bugs fixes. Credit to @Kanti and @fahmi182

What's new:

  • Recent posts widget.
  • Webmaster tool verification.
  • See this page for complete list.

HTMLy v2.2 released!

Another HTMLy release that contains many new features and bug fixes. Credit to @Kanti and @BlackCodec.

See the changes here.

HTMLy v2.1 released!

This release contains many improvements, feature additions, and bugs fixes by @Kanti.

  • Auto-update
  • Bugs fixes
  • And much more

See his contributions here.

Download HTMLy.

HTMLy v2.0 released!

Now HTMLy support File cache. Any visited pages by anonymous user will generating .cache file inside cache/page folder. Cache related to specific page will deleted if we edit or add new post, eg. archive page, or tag page related to those post.

We can clear all cache by visiting admin area and click `Clear cache' link. Useful, let say when we change the layout, add new menus etc. Download here.

HTMLy v1.9 released!

Previously any foreign char always removed from URL, and now this has been fixed. Improve multitags support and fixing the is_front function. Download HTMLy here.