In addition to the HTMLy default theme, here are some HTMLy themes that are available for download.

Note: This theme not available in the package, you need to upload and extract it manually. Read the README for the installations.

Clean Blog

Clean Blog by Start Bootstrap ported to HTMLy.

Clean Blog

Clean blog is a carefully styled Bootstrap blog theme that is perfect for personal or company blogs.

Download HTMLy Clean Blog.


WordPress Ignite theme by Compete Themes ported to HTMLy.

Ignite Theme

The Ignite WordPress blog theme is a simple and responsive theme. It's great for personal blogs and business websites.

Download HTMLy Ignite.


Vapor is a popular Ghost theme by Seth Lilly ported to HTMLy.

Vapor Theme

Minimal and responsive with a focus on typography, Vapor is a theme that embodies the core concept of Ghost—it fades into the background, bringing the focus to your content.

Download HTMLy Vapor.

Suggest Theme

You can suggest a theme to ported to HTMLy here.